Happy Birthday StyleLounge!!!

Another great year has passed and StyleLounge has turned three!

As always, we love to do things big and this year was no different. We started off with an inspiring presentation from the heads of the company which ended in them receiving their fancy dress outfits for the day.
Having such a big team and a day of activities planned meant that a massive breakfast was in order. At the end of breakfast it was time to break into teams that were cleverly named after our new corporate values. As teams, our jobs were to discuss ideas and present to the others how we could promote our corporate value within the company in the future. After some funny presentations and some creative ideas we were ready to grab our stuff and paint the town red. Walking through central Hamburg at lunch time with a boom box isn’t something that we normally do on a Friday, but seeing as it was our birthday we decided to make an exception.

After arriving to the park in style, it was time to (struggle to) get the grills fired up for the BBQ. As Hamburg is a beautifully windy city it wasn’t the easiest task getting the grills started, however we managed to soldier through and in the end they were ready to grill and we were ready to eat! When we were all full with food and beer we decided to move on to our next location, laser tag.. What better way to embrace our inner child than with laser tag. Fully exhausted and some a little bruised from the “accidental” bumping into each other, we were ready to recharge with more food. Having a whole bar to ourselves was certainly necessary with the amount of people we were and it didn’t take long for the food to vanish and the drinks to start flowing. Many many hours later the last of us dragged ourselves home to get some well-deserved sleep and rest.

All in all, our third birthday was a huge success and our team became even closer and more productive as a result. 123… STYLELOUNGE!!