Hello World!

We talk a lot about what we do here. Most people like it. Maybe some people think we’re a bit crazy, but hey – that’s life. When talking about what technologies we use, how we use them and most importantly how be build and grow our team, the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, sometimes even enthusiastic. I feel like we have a story to tell. Starting a blog feels a bit like taking a selfie: That uneasiness of presenting oneself. So let’s hope we stay humble and please don’t take all this too seriously.

Our goal is to provide meaningful content. And damn will that be difficult. Please help us getting better by giving fair and harsh feedback. We’re pretty small yet hope to engage the community in a conversation that is fun, revealing and mutually beneficial.

Let the games begin 🙂

Image: media.giphy.com/media/l0MYzwTebntNEii4M/giphy.gif