jsunconf 2017

Sam, Markus, Peter, André, Ansgar and I skipped one of the few truly sunny weekends in Hamburg for jsunconf. It was totally worth it. Usually speakers are determined before. Often there’s even a separate speakers dinner for the speakers to feel a tiny bit more important. At jsunconf one can see that there’s no need for a correlation between pre-filtering speakers and the overall quality of the event. The quality of most talks was quite high and basically every member of the audience had an interesting story to tell.

We also did a (way too small to be honest :/) diversity sponsorship. We were pretty lucky to have been at the end of the alphabetically sorted list resulting in some visibility during the introduction. 😜

Also I gave a modified version of my reactive microservices talk with a stronger focus on JavaScript. It was okayish, but I apparently failed to give a proper introduction into the what and why and therefore keeping my audience in the dark for way to many minutes. 🤷

Image: Many thanks to twitter.com/Schnellus