Where is everybody from?

Where is the team located?

  • We are located right in the beautiful and vibrant city center of Hamburg
  • Four team members work remotely from Kiev, Koblenz (2) and Lviv

What branches do you have?

Why should I join?

We attract great people that want to deliver value and learn in the process. That only works in the right environment and if the right conversations take place. Therefore it’s really important that team members have fun at what they do and at improving themselves and others. Flat hierarchies, honesty and discussing workflows is really important for that.

What hard and software do you use?

We provide every member with a top-notch MacBook Pro or a ThinkPad with Linux/Windows. All developers get two huge screens at 3360×2100.Team members can use any software they like if it makes them more productive and happier. We’re also happy to pay for useful tools.

I want numbers!

What’s your stack?